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@KKBowls: My psychiatrist told me I need to love myself more. I was like, "damn doc I'm already up to 3 times a day"

@TheTweetOfGod: Jesus was the only man to return from the dead and not eat brains.

@Alyssa_Jolie: You haven't mastered the Art of Twitter, until you can subtweet yourself, while everyone else thinks it's about them

@juliussharpe: Google Glass, for everyone who's ever thought, "I like that browser so much, I want it on MY FACE"

@BruppFWTX: Are "authorities" ever not " baffled?"

@Travon: Sunday is Easter, Hitler's birthday, the Columbine anniversary, and weed Christmas. Your move, greeting card section.

@WilliamRodgers: Bro: Dude, is this YOUR Shakira CD???

Me: What?'s my wife's.....

Hips: No.... It's his...

Me: Shut up Hips!

@birbigs: "You're joking about calling it Good Friday, right? I told you the part about the nails?" -Jesus #GoodFriday

@Dani_Feld: I walked into a room full of men and they couldn't stop staring at me.

Oh...wrong toilets.

@CJhooray: I just saw a list of candidates for the local Juvenile Judge election and I just don't think juveniles should even be able to be judges idk