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@KattsDogma: It's called support maybe you've heard of I.T.

@notacroc: INTERVIEWER: what makes you different?
ME: *begins levitating*
INTERVIEWER: holy shit
ME: *whispering to my pet chameleons* nice work guys

@iwearaonesie: wife: The school called. Guess why?
[flashback to me telling my son every answer on his math homework was 69]
me: Why?

@BubblesnBooze: Hubs: You're home all day, why isn't the house clean?

Me: You're at work all day, why aren't we rich?

Hubs: Touché

@topshelftyson: *makes a series of careless mistakes that are clearly my fault*

Mercury in retrograde again I see

@DaddyJew: *whispers "we should run away together" while petting the neighbor's dog*

@PJTLynch: Girl, are you Excel? Because I claim to know you but I'm probably oblivious to 98% of what you're able to accomplish

@dorsalstream: Before posting each tweet, I ask myself: Does it bring me joy? Will it bring joy to others? I never wait for the answer.

@WheelTod: [Thanksgiving at the In-laws]

Me (patting wife’s belly): “Remember you’re eating for two now”

Mother-in-law (smiling): “You mean...”

Me: “That’s right. She’s got a tapeworm”