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@bonehugsnirony: [at job interview at NASA]
NASA: sir, you're underqualified for this position.
Me: have you seen our president?
NASA: give him a spaceship

@jergarl: One time a giant spider crawled up my sleeve.

Ironically, that's also the day I learned karate on a ladder.

@TheMichaelRock: You've made a powerful enemy, vending machine holding my candy bar hostage.

@kwkorpi: My dog just winked at me, and now I'm wondering just exactly what the two of us are keeping from the rest of the family.

@thenatewolf: Tell me more about these male enhancement pills...
Will they help me chop wood better? How about pelts?
Will I know how to make pelts?

@GodfreyElfwick: Mark my words, the amount of candles I'm gonna burn tonight is going to make ISIS think long and hard before doing any more terrorism.

@AndrewChamings: Got kicked out of my motorcycle gang again for trying to sell essential oils

@TheHyyyype: [first day in gang]

LEADER: ya gotta be street-smart

ME: oh i am

LEADER: prove it

ME: *names every street in city*

LEADER: holy shit

@bourgeoisalien: I stop strangers from talking by smelling their hair & saying,"You smell like Pa. Pa loved his wood chipper. Never did find them drifters."