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@Awk0Tacoo : Me: *in bed with dogs* *car drives down street* Dogs: HOW DARE YOU MAKE A NOISE WHILE OUR HUMAN IS SLEEPING, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?

@Awk0Tacoo: It's really hard to explain that your eyes are really red from allergies and not weed when you're buying cupcakes and a pound of Doritos.

@Awk0Tacoo: I just found out that there's a dating site for people with mullets and the people who love them. Lol! *looks over shoulder* *signs up*

@Awk0Tacoo: I can't get mad when I hear babies screaming in public because honestly, I feel the same way sometimes.

@Awk0Tacoo: *Tries to get makeup off*

Makeup: I have a boyfriend.

@Awk0Tacoo: I covered my boyfriend's laptop in melted cheese and now he's really mad at me. I mean, what did he expect when he asked for Mac and cheese?

@Awk0Tacoo: Cat: Human, congratulations, I've chosen your face to sleep upon tonight. If at some point you cannot breathe, do not wake me.

@Awk0Tacoo: Every chick magazine ever:
You're beautiful and are perfect just the way you are!

How to loose ten pounds in ten days you fat, ugly cow.