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@ChrisScarlette : *bride and groom kiss* minister: wow im like right here

@ChrisScarlette: [being robbed]

Me: careful.. I'm ARMED

*whips out bible

Robber: lol

*pulls gun out of bible

R: oh

*pulls smaller bible out of gun

@ChrisScarlette: *i put two straws in my drink*

gf: awhh :)

me: hell ya double barrel

*i use both straws*

@ChrisScarlette: We now return to 'CANADIAN SNIPER'

*canadian sniper shoots an enemy*

*canadian sniper yells 'sorry' from far away*

@ChrisScarlette: [pizza delivery]

Girl: Is there an other way I can pay you? *bites lip*


*pulls out phone*

see that RT button?

@ChrisScarlette: May I pay you handsomely, good sir?

-Why yes you may.

*opens wallet*

*pulls out Ryan Gosling*

@ChrisScarlette: "just great, I've lost my house my wife is leaving and my kids hate me how can this day get any worse"

-A dinosaur, 66 million years ago