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@EJGomez : when im having a bad day i remember a time i walked into a public bathroom&turned the lights on&heard a guy in the last stall say"thank god"

@EJGomez: me: grandma u cant believe every article on facebook
also me:[reads thread on twitter] ok avril lavigne has definitely been dead since 2003

@EJGomez: [watching House of Cards]
where are the cards

@EJGomez: judge: any last comments?
me: i request to die by electric chair
judge: ur here for a speeding ticket
me: my request still stands

@EJGomez: "We can't hire you. We're trying to get more diverse"
ME: But I'm Hispanic
[A bear walks in wearing a fresh Hooters outfit]
ME: Aw man

@EJGomez: God: u can ask me 1 question
me: ok if the singular of geese is goose is the singular of sheep a shoop
devil: welcome to hell

@EJGomez: james[jesus' brother]: i need off my bro passed away
boss: gotcha man
[3 days later]
james: i need off my brothers in town
boss: now hold on

@EJGomez: any man with a ponytail is never more than 15ft away from a katana at any given time

@EJGomez: son: why is my name jesus
dad: mom wanted to name u after a rolemodel
other son: &me?
dad: well Charizard the same reason but it was my turn

@EJGomez: if ur getting chased by a bunch of drunk 90's kids just yell out "in west Philadelphia born & raised" then u got like 2 min to run