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@HousewifeOfHell : I just read that pandas don't have many opportunities for sex, and then don't know how to do it. Finally found my spirit animal.

@HousewifeOfHell: ...and when you saw 3 sets of footprints in the sand, that's when it took the entire Holy Trinity to carry you after all those piƱa coladas.

@HousewifeOfHell: Sooo romantic. He said I'm a work of art.

Or a piece of work. Something like that.

@HousewifeOfHell: Why do I keep paying the bills? It just encourages them to send more.

@HousewifeOfHell: How are we supposed to fear a storm named Grayson? I'm fighting an urge to iron its prep school uniform or ask it for investment advice.

@HousewifeOfHell: A guest dropped by my dirty house on short notice today, so I put cleaning supplies out all over the place. They were just for show.

@HousewifeOfHell: Stay in school, kids.

No, I mean really. Don't come home. We need a break.

@HousewifeOfHell: My husband and I are giving our daughter driving lessons. He teaches her how to drive, and I teach how to swear at all the other drivers.

@HousewifeOfHell: I cleaned the house last month and it's already dirty again. Life is SO unfair.