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@JanineEB4 : This cop standing next to my car wouldn't let me finish my tweet until I signed something for him. Why are some people so needy?!

@JanineEB4: People should come with disclaimers like:
May cause drowsiness or
Will end up sleeping w/your bf or
May induce homicidal ideations

@JanineEB4: My biggest regret to date is probably never telling Kary C, Kerri B, Cari R and Kerry L from 4th grade that their names were spelled wrong..

@JanineEB4: My kids in public are direct payback for every time I shriek'd
PLEASE DON'T HIT ME AGAIN at my mom in the middle of a crowded mall as a kid.

@JanineEB4: Lord give me coffee to change the things I can...and vodka to accept the things I cannot.