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@JimmerThatisAll : I don't understand why this loan manager won't get behind my dream of becoming a sugar daddy.

@JimmerThatisAll: I know things ordinary people don't know because ordinary people don't talk to squirrels.

@JimmerThatisAll: This day in history. 1973. Pablo Picasso died leaving behind his wife, 4 children, and a dog with piano key teeth and a halibut for a tail.

@JimmerThatisAll: This day in history. 1998. Sonny Bono was killed while skiing at Lake Tahoe nothing to do with him trying to leave Scientology nope nothing.

@JimmerThatisAll: Sure, make fun of my cargo shorts but sooner or later you're going to need a martini shaker or a map of 11th century France.

@JimmerThatisAll: I had a friend named Nigel but after you've introduced him a few times the novelty wears off.

@JimmerThatisAll: I just figured out how to deal with a situation that I was thrown into in 1978.