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Page of JohnnyCrash5's best tweets

@JohnnyCrash5 : [First date & I'm super nervous] Her: Are you ok? Me: yesh. Her: did u just say yesh? Me: um Nosh.

@JohnnyCrash5: Getting a woman:

1.Select the woman u like
2. Lick her face
3. She is now yours take her home


I've been arrested 10 times

@JohnnyCrash5: *Eats a Lean Cuisine

*20 minutes go by.

*Devours entire Pizza Hut store...including employees.

@JohnnyCrash5: If my dog barks at you we can't be friends, also, I hate you too.

@JohnnyCrash5: [Interrupts the wedding vows] it's open bar right?