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@LifeUnPinterest : All these new parents wanting time to slow down, and I’m over here trying to get a fake ID for my 4YO so she can go buy Mommy’s wine.

@LifeUnPinterest: My kids are scream-fighting because one pretend-ate all of the toy food, in case you wanted to know why some parents drink.

@LifeUnPinterest: FIRST KID: I’d rather not medicate her.

SUBSEQUENT CHILDREN: *Googles, “How much Benadryl will make her sleep for three days straight?”*

@LifeUnPinterest: *Adorns new baby with:

Infinity scarf
Bottle of pumpkin spice latte*

They said if her basic needs were met she wouldn't cry!

@LifeUnPinterest: My husband said I need a scary costume for Halloween this year, so I'm dressing up as a Positive Pregnancy Test.

@LifeUnPinterest: Just pulled a spoon out of the leg of my toddler's footie jammies and am comforted to know she'll do well in prison.

@LifeUnPinterest: *Texting*

HIM: Do you have any snacks?

ME: In my panty.

H: Lol, you misspelled "pantry."

M: Nope.

@LifeUnPinterest: Spoiler alert: The people who can't believe your kid is in Kindergarten already won't be able to believe they're in any grade, any year ever

@LifeUnPinterest: HIM: Why is this sticky?

ME: Remember that crazy sex we had? I got pregnant and now we have a 2YO contaminating the entire place with filth

@LifeUnPinterest: As a parent, you learn to accept you can't run away from your problems. They will find you. And they will demand fruit snacks.