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@LoverOfComics94 : Is a rivalry between 2 vegetarians still called Beef?

@LoverOfComics94: How to be a politician: 1. Tell people what you're going to do 2. Don't do it 3. Change the subject.

@LoverOfComics94: One day she says "Treat me like a princess," the next she's pissed that I married her off in exchange for an alliance with Spain. Women...

@LoverOfComics94: If you're having second thoughts, you're 2 ahead of most people.

@LoverOfComics94: In a survival situation, you can drink your own urine. Fortunately, my Wi-Fi came back on just as I was filling the can.

@LoverOfComics94: Money doesn’t grow on trees. Your move, multinational agricultural biotechnology corporations.