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@MarkAFuqua_Hunt : Hotel beds are often all the proof I need that Satan owns a mattress factory.

@MarkAFuqua_Hunt: After many years I've realized I'm allergic to beer. It causes me to break out in places.
Places I have no idea how to get home from.

@MarkAFuqua_Hunt: You say you're an atheist, yet you tell people they can "go to hell!"

Make up your mind already.

@MarkAFuqua_Hunt: Want to get your kids attention and make sure they hear what you say?
Start whispering something to your spouse.

@MarkAFuqua_Hunt: I'm far less concerned with who let it out, and more curious as to why the cat was in the bag in the first place?

@MarkAFuqua_Hunt: I'll always be here for you....
Unless we run out of beer, and someone has some over there.
Then I'll be over there for you.