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@Marlebean : *crosses the street slowly in front of your car at an extreme and unnecessary angle*

@Marlebean: I save my pooping for when I'm at work so I can say "I can't believe I get paid for this shit!"

@Marlebean: I'll burn that bridge when I get there.

@Marlebean: *maintains eye contact while slowly eating an unpealed pineapple*

@Marlebean: Sorry I spilled fruit punch all over the white carpet at your baby shower, I was helping you practice.
*Poops in my pants*
Get used to it.

@Marlebean: I must be an amazing singer... My daughter is so moved by the music, she's rocking and crying in the corner.

@Marlebean: My husband asked me to put him to sleep with a happy ending...

*reads a book "and they lived happily ever after"

Mmmm yeah, you like that?

@Marlebean: "It rubs the lotion on the skin so it can get the hose again."

I say to my kids, slathering them in sunscreen before going in the sprinkler

@Marlebean: Kids: CARROTS?!

Me (wipes chocolate off my face): Uh yeah, the Easter bunny has PMS and decided you guys should be healthy.

@Marlebean: Friend: "You really shouldn't let pets sleep in your bed."
Me: "But I like cuddling!"
Friend: "I think your goldfish is dead now."