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@Paxochka : Guys, if you want to make a girl moan, tremble, and scream: be a spider.

@Paxochka: Champagne says I'm classy. Vodka says I can do anything I want. My therapist says I have to stop talking to my drinks.

@Paxochka: Pope joins twitter. Quits being Pope. Takes twittercide to a whole new level. Your move, drama queens.

@Paxochka: I'm 5'5" and a HALF. I think men should be pretty impressed that I consider half inches very important when measuring things.

@Paxochka: I saw a zombie wearing Crocs on The Walking Dead and thought to myself "she totally deserved to die".

@Paxochka: It's cute how alcohol comes in a paper bag so when you hit rock bottom you have something to hyperventilate into.

@Paxochka: My IQ score says I'm intelligent. My dating history disagrees.

@Paxochka: Now that Steve Jobs is gone we'll never ever know why c**t autocorrects to Cynthia.


@Paxochka: Saying "bukkake" when people sneeze is the new "gezundheit", honest.

@Paxochka: Keep your friends close and your enemies under the front wheels of your vehicle.