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@PhilJamesson : [both me and the child chasing me with a knife slow to a walk as we go by the pool]

@PhilJamesson: surgeon: scalpel.

me: careful, it's sharp! haha

[everyone screams]

me: what? i held my breath for 2 mins during anesthesia to make that joke

@PhilJamesson: me: bye bye miss american pie

miss american pie: "bye-bye"? what are you, four years old?

me: this is why i'm leaving. you're a mean lady

@PhilJamesson: i like video games because they're the only socially accepted way to ask another adult if they want to play

@PhilJamesson: Me (holding two sticks of butter): now where did i put that stick of butter? hmm i guess i didn't get one out. hey kiddo could you grab a butter

My Son (also holding two sticks of butter): i just checked the fridge. we're all out

@PhilJamesson: Science Teacher: outside these walls, there are bullies. but in the classroom, there is only science

[I smile and look into my microscope where an amoeba flips me off]

@PhilJamesson: [before lamps were invented]

moth: i've finished yet another novel. our empire is glorious and vast

@PhilJamesson: [to the tune of feliz navidad]
police are the cops

@PhilJamesson: me (smirking as i pick a card): what next

magician: now you close your eyes

me (rolling my eyes to a friend): lol okay whatever

magician: (kicks me in the face) stop ruining fun things because you're afraid you won't be the center of attention

[my friends all applaud]

@PhilJamesson: me: i just killed two birds with one stone :)

noah: you did WHAT