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@ShutUpThatsWho : [first karate lesson] Me: *entering dojo* BONSAI!!! Sensei: Do you mean 'Banzai'? Me: *just starts chucking little trees at Sensei*

@ShutUpThatsWho: SCIENTIST: if we feed cows seaweed we can slash greenhouse gas levels


SCIENTIST [watching dead cows float in the ocean]: well shit

@ShutUpThatsWho: [walking on beach]

[find bottle with message in it]


[another bottle with message washes against my feet]

@ShutUpThatsWho: [son falls over & hurts himself]

ME: aww poor kid, he needs a little THC

WIFE: don't you mean TLC?

ME: [huge bong rip] he needs what now?

@ShutUpThatsWho: [Microsoft Outlook developer meeting]

"we need to tell users when their inbox is full"
how do we do that?
"we send them another email"

@ShutUpThatsWho: [Budapest airport]

IMMIGRATION: So what is your purpose for visiting Hungary?

ME: [holding huge bag of marbles] I wanna see the hippoes.

@ShutUpThatsWho: [me as a ninja]

[a smoke ball is thrown in a park]

[when the smoke clears, all of the dogs in the park have stealthily been petted]

@ShutUpThatsWho: Interviewer: Your CV is a flip book of you setting things on fire.
Me: Wrong. If you flip the pages the other way I'm putting the fires out.

@ShutUpThatsWho: Scissors [to Rock]: So you beat me & I beat Paper but how does Paper beat you?
[cut to Paper meeting a hitman] Make it look like an accident

@ShutUpThatsWho: ME: gimme a double

BARMAN: [places an exact replica of me on the bar]

ME: no I meant a double Scotch

BARMAN: [puts a kilt on my replica]