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@Tierno158 : Doctors in Zurich, Switzerland, in a 14-hour operation, successfully separated the conjoined Facebook account of a husband and wife.

@Tierno158: My motto is "Grab Life by the Balls."

As you might imagine, being dyslexic, I spend a lot of time apologizing to guys named "Leif."

@Tierno158: CNN reports Hurricane Patricia "hit luxury resorts and impoverished villages with equal ferocity." Did they expect wealth-based discernment?

@Tierno158: When I refer to kids as "Snot-dripping, germ-spreading spawns of Satan" I hope you realize I'm not referring specifically to YOUR children.

@Tierno158: I invented a game where people get so stoned they can barely walk & chase each other around the yard.

It's called...wait for it: Hash Tag.