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@WalkingOutside : Save us all the headache of buying my kids more toys. Just give me money and I'll put it on the floor & trip on it before pocketing it.

@WalkingOutside: Some things in life are inevitable. Birth. Death. My husband storing everything he owns in a massive pile next to his side of the bed.

@WalkingOutside: I've never simultaneously loved something so much and wanted it to shut up as badly as I do with my kids.

@WalkingOutside: Shout out to whichever childless person invented toys that erupt in an epic sound and light show when you toss em in the toy box at night.

@WalkingOutside: I like to pack a healthy lunch for work so that by 3 p.m. I'm ready to do unspeakable things for a piece of chocolate.

@WalkingOutside: I let my baby girl know she can do anything.

Except taking the bow out of her hair cuz IT'S REALLY CUTE AND SHE NEEDS TO LEAVE IT ALONE.

@WalkingOutside: Kids are like doughnuts. Sweet and yummy but more than one, maybe two, and you're like, "What the hell have I done?"

@WalkingOutside: My preschooler talks a lot of trash when we play Chutes and Ladders for someone who needs help counting his spaces.