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Page of bacon_gillepic's best tweets

@bacon_gillepic : Fun fact: zombies actually walk normal when they’re drunk

@bacon_gillepic: No intelligent people were harmed in the reading of this tweet

@bacon_gillepic: Y’all keep saying Columbus was a bad dude and he shouldn’t had a day, but y’all need to shut up because I like getting mattresses on sale

@bacon_gillepic: What if archeologists just matched the wrong bones and the t-Rex actually had super long arms

@bacon_gillepic: Plot twist a clown family hired a normal guy for their kids birthday party

@bacon_gillepic: All women are technically bodybuilders if they get pregnant

@bacon_gillepic: A client on the phone accidentally said they love me before they hung up

Not gonna lie it felt good

@bacon_gillepic: Person: you only live once

Me: that is the best news I've heard all day

@bacon_gillepic: Stuffs more popcorn in my face*

Why don't bad guys in movies just paint the red wire green?