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@carlyken : "I'm a social activist. No seriously. I just changed my profile picture to a rainbow." -everyone on Facebook

@carlyken: [lawyer whispers to plaintiff]
two can play this game
"Your honor. Upsexy."
Judge: what's upsexy?
"that's harassment. move to change venues"

@carlyken: [bank robbery]


[dave starts doing the electric slide]

Damn it Dave, not you, go grab the money

@carlyken: [interview at winery]
What strengths do you bring to the job?
*long pause while Jesus glares at interviewer*
Are you being serious right now

@carlyken: If Liam Neeson keeps starring in the same film pretty soon he's going to be Taken 4: Granted

@carlyken: My favorite part of football is when players "look to God."
Because He's all, "I can't do shit for the Middle East but I'm rooting for YOU."

@carlyken: *walks into work 20 minutes late*
*boss glares at me*
"Sorry. Traffic."
*boss gestures to my Starbucks cup*
"Oh this? I found it."

@carlyken: Kids, in my day we didn't have text messaging. We had to write a "Do you like me: Yes or no?" note and pass it through 17 mutual friends.

@carlyken: I hope the zombies start with people that talk to me when I'm obviously counting.

@carlyken: *Walks into school*
Simon says give me your Pokemon cards
Ok now close your eyes
*Walks out*
Kids are so dumb I didn't even say Simon says