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@heatherlou_ : I went to high school with these people on Facebook, so I'm confused on how they didn't learn HOW TO SPELL.

@heatherlou_: "That looks shiny and clean, I'm gonna touch it a lot."

- Kids

@heatherlou_: I don't need money to buy happiness. I'm already happy. I just want the monies.

@heatherlou_: As a mom, I'm super excited about the rock collection my daughter just told me she's starting.

@heatherlou_: My boss said if I tried to take Friday off, I could just take the rest of the year off so that's kinda neat.

@heatherlou_: If you're moving to a new house for a "fresh start," congratulations your new house is haunted.

@heatherlou_: I was looking at my phone and tripped over the dog and we're both laying in the floor looking at my phone.

@heatherlou_: These people act like they've never seen a woman eat a whole rotisserie chicken before.

@heatherlou_: Google just alerted me to light traffic in my area which is odd because I'm in the bathtub.

@heatherlou_: If you're trying to woo me without food... let me stop you right there.