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@laurajennyjo : I'm not going to intervene next time my kids start fighting, I'm just going to close the door and whoever comes out alive will be my kid

@laurajennyjo: *knock knock*

Go away I'm not home

"I can hear you"

I can hear you too..go away

"I brought food"

What kind of food

@laurajennyjo: Apparently trapping people in an elevator overnight (even if you have marsh mellows) not a good way to make friends, people are so sensitive

@laurajennyjo: I'm gonna start following my cat to the litter box and sit in her lap while she takes a shit

@laurajennyjo: "I forgot my phone, so what do u want to talk about?"
*knocks on stall wall* "Hello? Can u hear me?"
"I like your shoes...Hello?"