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@petemandik : Tuba = Terrible Underwater Breathing Apparatus

@petemandik: Hey,dogs barking, we get it: At the core of existence dwells an unspeakable malaise.

@petemandik: Conversational tip: For every minute that you spend talking about yourself, set aside 10 seconds for the other person to say something; give them time to give you a compliment.

@petemandik: i got blood on my iphone the other day and before i could wipe it off siri made a slurpy noise and it was gone

@petemandik: My first sexual experience occurred in the early 1800s when I was erotically swallowed by a whale.

@petemandik: I have just completed knitting a tiny sweater for my one true friend, who is a grape.

@petemandik: [long ago]
A: Ok, so let's mush a tree to pulp and then make flat thingies out of it.
B: Great idea. Write that down.
A: Where?

@petemandik: If someone tells you they don't like some particular word, do not torment them with it. To do so is totally moist.

@petemandik: [touching face upon receiving compliment]
Glad you like it. But, it's not a teardrop tattoo. It's an Oxford comma.

@petemandik: In the future I will replace my feet with chainsaws after accidentally cutting them off with my chainsaw hands.