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@thejessbess : Ride your bike to the bar, they said. You'll never forget how to ride a bike, they said.

@thejessbess: This guy at speed dating asked if I have any weird tattoos I was like lol not if you love The Golden Girls.

@thejessbess: A rap song where I'm just telling my dog about my day & I keep rhyming with "treats" so he stays interested.

@thejessbess: Got kicked outta Starbucks for trying to order a venti mocha choca latta ya-ya creole lady marmalaaaaaaaaade.

@thejessbess: Hey Guinevere *knight flips up his visor* Hast thou considered my proposal? Because *unsheathes blade* I'm sword of a big deal.

@thejessbess: Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I'm not so sure what I did, but he sent me a text that only said, "K" so it must be pretty bad.

@thejessbess: First date: *puts entire onion ring in mouth* If yo'lik et ven yo'shoulla puh a wring owh it.

@thejessbess: (interviewer): do you have any questions? (me): ya can a werewolf bite really kill a vampire?

@thejessbess: Shout out to sidewalks.

Thanks for keeping me off the streets.

@thejessbess: Quit college. Become an oven. Get up to like 500 degrees.