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@weenbeans : (child accidentally being born in butcher shop) Shirtless mother: what should we name him? Father: um..*looks around room* a..bra...ham

@weenbeans: *rubs temples*
security guard: Hey you! Stop touching the historic buildings at this ancient religious site!!

@weenbeans: *barber hands me the mirror to check the back*
"Looks good!" I lie, after a few seconds of being unable to get the mirror to angle properly

@weenbeans: will you marry me?
"OMG YES! I love you!!!"
*imagines typing only 4 characters for 'wife' instead of 'girlfriend' on Twitter*
I love you too

@weenbeans: me: "okay I might as well just say it..I love you"
girl dinosaur: "omg u have no idea how long I've waited for u to say that!"

@weenbeans: I'll usually order the chicken sandwich. I like my food to be more cowardly than I am.