[3 dads circling new neighbor on their bikes]

“im not looking for any trouble”

all three dads in unison: HI NOT LOOKING FOR TROUBLE IM DAD

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Make your own bacon by tricking 30-50 feral hogs into running headlong through a harp.


Christmas decorating 101 – Puts fake snow on Halloween decorations

Your move Martha Stewart


Yeah avengers endgame was good but I found out my boyfriend is a movie clapper so at what cost


A cannibal and his vegetarian friend go to brunch. They both order a danish.


In the earliest part of my life I was a man trapped inside a woman’s body.

Then mom gave birth to me.


A mother bear defending her cubs but it’s me defending the fresh pan of bacon from other hotel guests at the breakfast buffet.


Yes I’ll watch your kid,but if you don’t pick her up on time, I’m telling her there’s no Santa Claus.


teacher: what would you like to do when you grow up?

Edgar: *shrugs*

teacher: Poe, try


[storming out of the bedroom in a novelty banana costume] YOU’RE THE ONE THAT SAID THINGS WERE GETTING TOO PREDICTABLE KAREN…