7: I didn’t do my homework

Me: why not?

7: they told us to write about the new president

Me: so?

7: you told me not to cuss

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people are attacking at me with pitchforks simply because i choose to lay still under piles of hay, straw, and leaves at times.


Just hired 2 private detectives to follow each other. I’ll keep you guys posted.


Soldier Dying on Omaha Beach.
“dont forget to tell my wife i love her…
and…and…honor me every year with a
…..mattress sale.”


8, to his teacher: …and there was this old man who used to park his van by the woods at the lake so one day Mom let me go in it because he said if I went inside, he’d show me his empanadas…


Itsy bitsy spider (drenched): sorry I’m late

Spider’s wife: what took so long?

Itsy bitsy spider: I got washed down the water spout

Spider’s wife: you won’t be climbing up that again

Itsy bitsy spider: yeah… for sure


I miss the old days when street gangs asserted their dominance through aggressive hair combing.


Alex: A ship that has sunk

What is my relationship?

Alex: No sorry tha-

[glares at wife] I’ll take YOU RUINED MY LIFE KAREN for $800 Alex


Accidentally got melted butter on some fried chicken and this is my delicious origin story.


If you’re head of the CIA and can’t hide an extramarital affair it means it can’t
be done. Case closed, fellas.


BELLE: I love you

BEAST: You broke the curse!
[transforms into hideously ugly man]

BELLE: Welp, guess you’re all good. I gotta roll. Peace