A wok that cooks so fast you call it a run.

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Pharmacist: need any help?

Me: Yes, I’d like whatever Oprah was on when she gave each and every audience member a car


*Australian accent* Notice the wife in her natural habitat shaming the male husband species into doing what she wants!


Rappers: we gonna see you in the club! Get down in the club! Party in the club!

Me: ok cool can’t wait
[is too embarrassed to ask ‘but which club though’]


The @NewYorker buying Twitter ads to promote its article about how Twitter is dying kind of undercuts the thesis


Don’t people with bumper stickers realize it takes a t-shirt to change a person’s deeply held beliefs?


“I’m a great listener.” – The US government on a first date.


Hello 911? I was doing that thing where you pretend to walk down stairs behind a couch only it worked. I have no idea where I am. Help me.


If we weren’t able to stop Bieber Fever I seriously doubt America can stop an Ebola epidemic.


Fitness guru just tweeted “remember to breathe” and it was pure luck that I got the message in time.