As a gift to my girlfriend, Tola, I tattooed her name on myself in the mirror and I think that says alot

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*points to baseball player stealing a base* hey look the batman is robin


– What do you do to relax?
– I enjoy people watching.
– The most relaxing thing for me is singing in the shower.
– I know.


Duckling means “little duck”.

As a result, I no longer eat dumplings.


I just battle rapped my 4 year-old and rhymed “take a nap” with “piece of crap” so don’t tell me about your parenting skills.


i love the term “partner”. are we dating? are we detectives on a case together? are we cowboys? are we cowboy detectives in a relationship? there’s no bad answer


If they worked, nobody would own more than one self-help book.


Why does James Bond keep telling people his real name? Worst. Spy. Ever.


Her: If you look up immature in the dictionary you’ll see a picture of yourself!

Me: Oh I’m immature? I’m not the one with pictures in my dictionary Karen!


*First Passover*

The Lord: And you shall consume the meat of the lamb this same night, eating it roasted with unleavened bread and bitter herbs
Me: Like a gyro?
The Lord: Not exactly…


In a room full of idiots screaming their opinions at the top of their lungs, be the guy in the corner doing finger guns with his reflection.