Back to school sale prices are so cheap. I’m getting all of my Christmas shopping done.
25 cent rulers for everyone!

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My dog cant hear me yelling at him to stop chasing squirrels, but he can hear a damn cheese wrapper from 500 miles away


“Sorry I didn’t reply to your email Terry, a wolf ripped my hands off… Oh these? Um, I got new hands? Gotta go!”


[ Skydiving ]

Instructor: SIR. You can’t just jump out without your equipment on

Me: *Shows him text of gf saying “We need to talk”


You had a panic attack on the elevator, so no, you can’t go with me to buy drugs


ME: I had to fix dad’s computer after the power surge.
HER: Motherboard?
ME: No, she was watching TV.


Everyone on Instagram has pics of them at places all over the world & I’m like here’s another shot of me from a different angle on my sofa


My dad called to ask if sending an email to the USA costs more. I told him a LOT more, better not risk it