Batman: Life isn’t a video game. Your actions have consequences

*Robin writes ‘I’m sorry I forgot to buy Charmin®’ 100 times on Batpaper*

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Jay Z: Can I get a what what?
Teacher: Jay Z, can you or may you?
Teacher: Yes, you may get a what what.


Dr: I’m afraid you’ve got airportitis
Patient: airportitis? I’ve never heard of it. Is it… serious?
Dr: it’s terminal
Dr: nah, you’ve just got a cold
P: you’re an awful human being


Why the plus or minus on the pregnancy test, ept? How about a simple yes or no and we’ll decide if that’s positive or negative.


HOT GIRL AT WORK: I saw Death Of A Salesman last night & I really loved it

ME: [trying to impress her] I’ve murdered 7 pizza delivery guys


Morgan Freeman is in so many movies, I bet he just wanders onto film sets and says,”I’m in this now.”


I sexually identify with the noble panda; I too have difficulty having sex in a cage surrounded by 800 Chinese people


I cried when my dentist told me I needed two implants and a crown because I can finally realize my dream of being a sexy princess.


I’m going to remember this night forever!!!

Tequila – You sure about that?


What i do in my bedroom is my business, what I do in your bedroom ok I guess that’s your business


Wheres the dinosaur bone exhibit?
“through that door”
Thank you very ruff!
“What’d you say?”
*2 dogs fall out of trench coat & run*