Billboard just announced the song of the summer. It’s the sound of your spouse chewing.

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Got so drunk last night that I was able to translate three Pearl Jam albums into English


[at deli]
me: I’ll take a platonic male friend that doesn’t treat me like their manic pixie therapist

lady: we have cole slaw

me: ok


As Elon Musk opens a huge underground tunnel in LA, critics question his motives after a Thai football team is seen wandering into it.


*doesnt stand for national anthem as protest against people who don’t stand for national anthem*


[spelling bee]

Judge: Your word is McConaughey

M-C-C-O-N-A-U-G-H-E-Y, McConaughey.
Did I get it?

Judge: We have no idea


If you see a baby locked in a car break the window and put another baby in there, he’s probably lonely.


I’m tired and want to sleep, but I can’t stop imagining how the whole scenario of the first person to pee on a jellyfish sting went down