Body: *sharp abdominal pain*
Me: Oh, God. Is that cancer? I bet it’s cancer.
Body: Are you gonna go to the doctor? If you’re worried it’s cancer let’s go get it checked out.
Me: No, I’m good.

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I refuse to participate in scavenger hunts because it’s still murder to shoot people even if they were digging in dumpsters.


[me as a drug dealer]

Me: wanna buy some acid?

Guys: yeah, whaddya got?

Me: I’ve got fatty, amino, and folic

Guys: (stab me repeatedly)


Money can’t buy happiness, but neither can poverty, and money can buy a lot of other really cool stuff, so try to have some at all times.


Enter new password
Must contain number
Must contain PHONE number
Please 😉
<no u creep>
Password not recognized


Wanna up the awkward while standing in line? Turn around while you wait.


Yes beer, it’s definitely time to try out my karaoke skills on the front lawn again