but like if you somehow manage to launch yourself to the ISS they ought to let you in? right??

asking for a friend

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Did you know: Wi-Fi is short for “wireless fireless.” Pre-wi-fi all internet was fire based. Firewall, firewire, “fire up the computer” etc.


You don’t see faith healers in hospitals for the same reason you don’t see psychics winning the lottery.


The developers of Apple Maps first big mistake was not calling it Mapples.


I just heard an economist say she believes a lot of people have “pent up savings” from the pandemic like she’s never heard of Amazon.


In fairness to Jesus, “One of you will betray me” is a great dinner party conversation opener.


My daughter was using a old ice tea bottle for her paint brushes and accidentally drank it

Did I mention she’s been on the Dean’s List for 4 years


I’m on Twitter because my brother got a chemistry set for christmas when he was little and I got plaid pants.


A younger man said I have a smokin hot body for an older woman…

I’m not sure if I should thank him or put him in a time-out.