[calculating calories]

Breakfast: 300
Lunch: 500
Dinner: 700
Snacking while preparing dinner: 8,374

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“Can I take your order?”

Wait, take it where?

“No, not-”

I haven’t even given you my order yet

“I mean-”



Spanish: The h is silent
English: Many letters can be silent
French: All letters are meaningless, every living thing is born without reason


Is no shave November just for men?

Asking for my female Italian coworker and her mustache.


Don’t say you love me unless you have bought me a miniature donkey. Without the donkey, they are just empty, meaningless words.


I freeze leftovers because I don’t want to throw away food now, I want to throw it away in 8 months.


[first date]

him: I’m sorry about the sushi but your bio said “real fish person”

me, a mermaid: can we just go


A fun gym game is to drag your treadmill behind someone else’s, and then run with a determined glare while holding a bat.


Who called it anxiety and not revenge of the nerves?


If I owned a Brazilian waxing joint, I’d call it Pubic’s Cube or The Razor’s Edge or Hedging Your Bets or Getting a Leg Up or Bush League or