Check on your friends stuck in quarantine with kids that never stop talking.

We are NOT ok.

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I want to get married just so I can throw my wedding ring in anger. I bet it’s a lot cooler than aggressively untying a friendship bracelet.


Two tips for faster jogging: hot guy in front of you and creepy dude behind


[family therapy]

JIMMY: My dad turns everything into a movie reference

DOC: Why do you do that?

ME: I want to develop a bond, James. Bond


I sexually identify as the foot of Cinderella’s stepsister when it is being crammed into the glass slipper.


Great… I tried to kill a spider with glitter body spray and it didn’t work

Now I have a spider that won’t stop dancing and insists I call her cinnamon


Interviewer: How would you describe yourself?

Me: With adjectives.


My toddler kept asking for uncle hall and I’m like dude we don’t have an uncle hall in our family. Turns out he was asking for ALCOHOL so I was all dude you’re just 3yo so would you rather beer or wine?


[first time trying standup]

Me: So, I was talking to a friend recen-

*from the back* LOL YEAH RIGHT

Me: Please, mom, not now