dentist: the guy in the waiting room says your mother is ugly

patient: he doesn’t even know my mom

dentist: maybe you should punch him in the teeth

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welcome to the motel california
it’s the cheaper choice (such a cheaper choice)
hear your neighbor’s voice



Waiter: “Dogs aren’t allowed in restaurants.”

Me: “He’s my service dog.”

My dog: “I’m here to fix your refrigerator.”


*Love in the time of coronavirus*

Hey baby, want to go back to my place and play find the paper cut with the hand sanitizer?


My favorite thing to say when a man offers me a drink is, “Of course I’ll have another…I AM drinking for two, after all!”


*spins in circles*


*gets stuck in corner*


*spins in circle*


[Me playing Call of Duty with my son]


My toddler just asked me “mummy why do people think falsely attributing quotes to my preschool peers lends their bad opinions authenticity?”


Me: Is this birdcage made out of nickel?

Pet Store: Aluminum I think

Me: So there’s no nickel in this cage?

Pet Store: Don’t you dare!

Me: It’s a nickleless cage

Pet Store: GET OUT!


They say misery loves company and I’m like, no I don’t.


– You got so drunk last night, you were dancing on the table in your underwear!!

– Me? In my underwear? You must have left early.