[doctor’s office]

Nurse: Can you step on the scale?
Me: Of course.
Nurse: (waiting)
Me: You mean now? Oh hell no!

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I know a certain right hand that is going to be getting VERY lucky tonight…


*gets hungry*

*bakes kale chips for a snack because diet*

*eats six cookies while waiting for kale chips because hungry*


BOSS: You’ve been picked for a random drug test

ME: Hold my bong


“How about… we change the 6 to a 7?”
“I love it!”
–board meeting at the company that makes novelty sunglasses for New Year’s Eve


villain: it seems i’m holding all the cards, mr. bond

james bond: UNO!

villain: shit


Theresa nothing worse about a breakup than your ex’s name autocompleting whenever you type a word that starts with Theresa same letters


I suspect that my cat has plans to kill me, but has just never been awake long enough to carry them out.

Advantage: human.


THEM: where are you from
ME: canada
THEM: no, where are you FROM from
ME: ooohh…! canada
THEM: no, like what’s your background
ME: oooh…!
[shows them my phone background]


Give a man a baby, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to baby, and i think this saying only works for fish actually.


New dad: my kid started teething it’s awful.

Me: want some advice?

New dad: please!

Me: step 1 get a bottle of whiskey.

New dad: okay.

Me: step 2 drink it all.