Does anyone know any herbal remedies for worthlessness?

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Men: We’ll never understand women.

Women: We’ll never understand men.

Dogs: We’ll never understand cats.

Cats: We’ll never understand dogs.

Raccoons: We’ll never understand why you’re throwing out all this great garbage.


A barbed wire tattoo is a great way to keep people from breaking into your upper arm.


Me: while you’re up there let’s do a Spider-Man kiss
My dental hygienist: still no


Just ate a glazed donut flavored protein bar. It tasted like someone describing a donut to me while I shove sawdust into my mouth.


I really think the person who first discovered the hallucinogenic effects of licking certain toads was probably on enough drugs already.


” I gotta see this guys best tweet,
I’ll gift him Favstar Pro”.

Said no one ever.


Age 21: Goes out for drinks after 9 PM and gets home at 2 AM.

Age 36: Has one tiny little sip of water after 9 PM and has to get up and pee two times before 2 AM.


Jay Z: Can I get a what what?
Teacher: Jay Z, can you or may you?
Teacher: Yes, you may get a what what.


“Dad, lil bro pooped on the floor!”nMe: Ok, just like we practiced. I’ll hide in garage, you go tell Mommy. This convo never happened! GO!