[driving 2 school]
*looks back,sees toothbrushes in child carseats
[cut to kids at home, covered in toothpaste]

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Ambulance is spelled backwards on the front so when you look in your rearview mirror you don’t confuse it with the other giant siren cubes.


Therapist: why can’t you introduce your two groups of friends to each other?

Me: [told one group my name was the space cowboy and the other it was the gangster of love] I just can’t ok


On phone:

GF: We’re breaking up…
Me: I can hear you fine!
GF: It’s not you, it’s me…
Me: Did you get a new provider?
GF: Kinda… Bye!


“I do not negotiate with little kids”

My husband, right before he broke down and gave the kid what he wanted


Doctor: Let’s take a look at your chest shall we

Pirate: No


Had a really nice moment this morning with the postman as we held hands through the letterbox. Only slightly ruined by his screaming.


Before you bludgeon to death that drifter who broke into your apartment and passed out on your futon, ask yourself: when did I buy a futon?


12th Law of Nature: If an adult attempts to nap during the day, an equal and opposite adult will turn on a lawn mower.


You are NOT too much. You are ENTITLED to take up space. If the Suez Canal doesn’t have room for you that is the Suez Canal’s problem.