EDWARD SNOWDEN: I can help determine the writer of that anonymous op-ed

TRUMP: What op-ed?

EDWARD SNOWDEN: Not much, what’s op with you?

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“I have a coupon for a large 2 topping”
“What toppings?”
“Pepperoni & a small cheese pizza”
“Sir you can’t top a pizza with a smaller pizza”


[invention of the milkshake]

drunk farmer: hey! let’s milk the cows on a rollercoaster


I hate it when I forget my password and don’t answer my secret questions right. It’s like I don’t even know me.


Science Fact: If you see it later, it was an alligator. If you see it after a while, it was a crocodile.


The occupations on ‘The Bachelorette’ are getting out of hand.


The coolest thing about the last Hobbit movie was knowing it was the last Hobbit movie.


My 11 now wants to borrow clothes from my closet.
Either she has great taste in clothing at an early age…or I dress like a tween.


Sneaky? Dude, I got two handfuls of soup into a movie theater once.