Finnish flag.

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Ok parents who have really clean houses, do you have outdoor pets and outdoor kids? How does this work?


[1st day as lifeguard]
Guy: there’s someone drowning in the water
Me [not looking up from phone]: well it’d be hard to drown in the sand


there had to be at least one guy in Troy who looked at the Trojan horse and was like “oh my god do not bring that wooden piece of shit in here”


im an adult! i make my own bedtimes! i’ll stay up all night and function at a fraction of my capacity! like a giant grown-up lethargic baby!


When you do drugs, you’re also doing all the drugs that those drugs have done.


I deduct 5% gratuity for every extra spoon my Cheesecake Factory server puts on my plate, “In case I feel like sharing.”


A drinking game where you do a shot every time you are prompted to update Adobe


Hi I’m an evil ghost with the ability to defy time & space, but I think the best example of my powers will be to slightly close this door.


I don’t use my hands when I change my tampon. I just sing a jaunty tune and the Disney birds come in and begrudgingly do it for me.


DOG BOSS: ur fired
ME: wait, is there any way you’ll reconsider?
ME: u want to go for a ride in the car
DOG BOSS: *tilts head*