*first day as a coach*

Me: ok gang so we should go with a zonal defence here, remember to watch the runners and stick to the plan, goooo team!

Player: *whispering* guys I don’t think coach has played golf before

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Batman had the bat signal.

If you need to get my attention, hold a Roast Beef Sandwich over a floor lamp and aim it at my apartment.


I’m confused. What part of “I had to be physically restrained from drunkenly chasing a raccoon into the bushes to befriend it” makes you feel I’m someone to solicit advice from?


[the followin is based on a true story]
*clips of me hittin my shin on my bed every nite for a year*
Narrator: its like he forgets its there


[opening the fridge to find no yummy snacks inside]

[me to the fridge] you had one job


Don’t ever ask a burrito if you should eat it, it will always say no, because burritos are really smart.


I’m reenacting the War of 1812 with 47 gummy bears so I think the Ambien has finally kicked in.

Casualties have been immense… & delicious


Therapist: Okay, let’s go over this one more time

Me: This really isn’t helping with my fear of bridges


Grabbing the hands of my elevator companions and explaining that I have a fear of flying.


“Please. I need this” I whisper as a 14 year old girl starts to get the better of me in an arm wrestling match.