Friend asks me to be her maid of honor:

M-What do I have to do?

F-Well I know you, so I’m expecting very little.

Mission accomplished.

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Me: *shouting over the loud music at the bartender* WHAT IS THE SOUP OF THE DAY


“It helps knowing that everyone else will die with me if we crash.”

~my 11yo on why she’s not afraid to fly unaccompanied


There’s a marble statue of Mr. Peanut sculpted by Michaelangelo in the basement of the Sistine Chapel that only the popes know about


Dancing Prime Minister
Dancing Chancellor of the Exchequer
Dancing Lord Privy Seal
-ABBA explores dance vis-a-vis constitutional monarchies


Me blacking out when I’m drunk is God’s way of telling me that what I do when I drink is none of my business.


Ok so all of our kids get excuse notes for school tomorrow whether in person or online right?

“I’m sorry I’m late, my parents were drinking stuff and yelling at the TV all night”


I’ve found that it’s almost impossible to explain to a stranger why you are following them around trying to put egg rolls in their pockets.


The lights begin to flicker
The hair stands up on your neck
A chill comes over the room