fun prank: go observe the newborns at the hospital & if someone asks which is yours say “I haven’t decided yet” while sobbing uncontrollably

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HER: You can’t even go 5 minutes without making a Star Trek reference.

ME: Yes I Khan.


I routinely take 8 flights of stairs for no other reason than to avoid idle chit chat in the elevator.

See, hating people can be healthy!


Mean things I kind of want to do:

1) Call up a random person and say “It’s done. You just need to clean up the blood.” and hang up.

2) Walk up to a stranger and hand them a bag with random items (vaseline, a hose and socks) and say “You know what to do.”


[First Date]

Her: I like old fashioned men

Me [trying to impress]: I’m sexist


Doctor: I have your test results

Me: did I pass hahaha

Doctor: hahaha you will soon

Me: haha what


Me : Sorry I’m late. The clocks changing confuses everybody, right?

Boss : Ron, it’s been 2 years. You emailed me saying you were dead.


Asked my son if he wanted to watch Netflix and he said he’d already seen it