Give a man a fish and he will think, “What a creepy gift.” Teach a man to fish and he will think, “My god, I have never known such boredom”

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So he says ” Nice glasses” and I say ” Thanks! They’re for seeing ”

*slaps knee*


Gotta love those girls in department stores wearing lab coats–taking time away from their experiments to help women out with their makeup.


if i die on a hill it’s gonna be the bottom of that hill. i’m not climbing up a hill to die


Ibuprofen is the new Chiclets for people over 40


Hold me closer, tiny dancer. Oh my… not that close. I can’t breathe. How are you so strong? LET ME GO TINY DANCER


I’m not usually vengeful, but when I am it’s because someone gave my kid a whistle.


[Terrorist tears open undercover FBI agent’s jacket]
Terrorist: FBI?
Agent: uhhh
Terrorist: hey guys this dude is a Female Body Inspector