Give a man a fish. Sure, why not? Go around giving strangers weird fish gifts. Who cares

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I have a rare muscle disease that causes my hands to write racist things that I don’t remember later. The Doctor is calling it Ron Palsy



Me-*Quietly mutters- I don’t work for you!

3-*runs out of room yelling-


video game drill sergeant: alright you worthless puke! try using your WASD keys to walk around the room!

me: [walks around the room]

video game drill sergeant: that is out-standing! you’re one of the finest soldiers ive ever laid my eyes on!


So after my kids had been whining all day, I cheerfully told them: “I’ve got some good news, guys!”

They stop crying long enough to ask what it was but apparently telling them I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance wasn’t the news they were hoping for.


So you’re telling me we can land a spacecraft remotely on Mars, yet, very few men in my office can pee directly into a stationary toilet?


In the eye doctor waiting room with my mom. There’s apparently an old person throat clearing competition here today.


Almost every branch of science has a pseudoscience associated with it: chemistry and alchemy, astronomy and astrology, math and economics…


“when people say different color bell peppers taste different”
[doctor nodding] I meant anything bothering you physically