God I hate these crossword puzzles

Does anyone know a 3 letter word for “Father”?

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When one door closes, another one opens which is also one of the first signs you probably have a poltergeist.


A Riddler origin movie would be like 10 min long bc he’d only have to tell one riddle before getting beaten up and becoming a villain


HER: OMG Thats not going to fit
HIM: Just relax. I’ll go slow
HER: If you’re sure…
HIM: [severely damages surrounding cars while parking]


A chicken pie in Jamaica costs £2.00
A chicken pie in Trinidad costs £2.40
A chicken pie in St Kitts costs £2.15

These are the pie rates of the Caribbean


[first day as hotdog vendor] I’m sorry, these are not for sale


when giving your wife a massage know that there is never a right time to stop. 10 minutes? Don’t think so buddy. 1 hour? Keep going. 7 hours. I want more. The sun enveloping the Earth after a billion years? Now do my shoulders


Cop: Do you think you can identify the deceased?

Me *nodding* I bet it’s the dude over there with no head


You ever see your kid looking so dirty at school and don’t wanna pick him up? I just drove pass mine now like, ‘Hell no, that is not my kid’


yeah well i hope you go to put your hair in a ponytail but the hair tie is too loose to hold it & not big enough to tie it another time


Your daughter seems to have nice boyfriends. They all seem to be involved in community service.