God I hate these crossword puzzles

Does anyone know a 3 letter word for “Father”?

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Why would anyone ever think gay people tear apart the fabric of society? They love fabric.


Grandma, stop asking people what they’re supposed to be for Halloween-this is Walmart.


Maybe Jehovah’s Witnesses keep knock knock knocking because they’re looking for Heaven’s Door.

You don’t know.


The voices in my head have been quiet for a while. They probably broke something.


People have ruined this planet and now they’re just like “Tag, you’re it!” to Mars.


One of the kids just asked for family game night like we weren’t already fed up with each other enough as it is


me : * dont let them know how awkward you are *

them : nice weather

me : thanks


crush: i really like music

me: *gets jealous of music and rips off crushes ears*