Good thing they had us dissect frogs in high school that prepared us for all the times in real life we’ve had to dissect frogs.

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*waiting for food at drive-thru*
*sees food is ready*
*crawls through drive-thru window*
*pokes worker with my snow brush*


5-year-old: I missed chicken nugget day at daycare.

Me: So?

5-year-old: My life is falling apart.


Email: 48 people have viewed your LinkedIn profile

Me: I still have a LinkedIn profile?


If McDonalds sold hot dogs would you be able to (w/ a straight face) order a McWeiner and tell them to supersize it?


Me: I can’t believe you read horoscopes, such garbage.

Her: You’re right. When are you shaving again?

Me: Not til after the playoffs..why?


Sometimes I worry that maybe I’ll never have sex again then I look at OKCupid and kind of start to feel at peace with the idea.


age 1: goo googa
age 2: im a babada da
age 3: thank god i can finally speak. listen, i’ve been observing u for 3 years now. what are u doing


DATING TIP: pull out her chair at dinner & whisper “that’s not the only thing I’ll be pulling out” then pull out her napkin like a gentleman